Domain mapping

Vanity domain:

clean client owned domain name (optional).

  1. go to register of domain name
  2. add A record pointing to
    1. host = @
    2. value =
  3. add Cname record (optional)
    1. host = www
    2. value = @
  4. wait for propagation to complete (usually 60 minutes can take up to 72 hours)
  5. Logon to Multiverse account
  6. Tools > domain mapping
  7. Enter new domain name in the “Map new domain name:”
  8. click [Map Domain]
  9. wait (this can take a few minutes while the system verifies the DNS settings)
  10. repeat for each domain name you would like directed to this site.


  1. Vanity domains and not applied to administrative URLs
  2. If applying more then one domain, one domain must set as primary, this is the domain name that will be displayed in the address bar of the browser no matter which domain was originally entered.
  3. Sub-domains can also be assigned using this method.

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