March 25, 2017


The Multiverse is different from other WordPress Hosting services.

  • Every subscription comes with two completely separate sites.
    • Production: the current public live site for your organization.
    • Dev: A development site that is a clone of your production that can used to test new layouts and configurations
  • Focus on solid infrastructure
    • Security hardened sites that regularly scanned for vulnerabilities
    • Uptime monitoring
    • Regular backups
    • Constant performance monitoring and enhancements
  • Professional client side tools included
    • SEO analysis and optimization tools
    • Performance and load time tools
  • Infinite scalability options
    • Dedicated IP address
    • Dedicated server
    • Clustered servers
    • Content Distribution
  • WordPress flexibility
    • Access to over 100 Premium plugins
    • Access to several premium themes
    • Everything in the public WordPress store